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Piedone d'Egitto

Flatfoot in Egypt (USA)

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1980 March, 1
104 minutes
Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama
Production Company:


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22 Apr, 14:30 Rai Movie

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Police Commissioner Rizzo, Bigfoot (Piedone by nickname) and Marshal Caputo go to Egypt and look for Professor Cerullo, who is missing. The professor has discovered an insect that can smell where oil is and lots of criminals are interested in it. - IMDb

"Turpa kiinni, Krokotiili" (video box title) Finland
Bouldozas enantion Bouldoza (transliterated title) Greece
Fantomsnuten Sweden
Flatfoot in Egypt USA
Flatfoot in Egypt  
Flatfoot in Egypt United Kingdom
Flatfoot on the Nile Canada
Flatfoot på Nilen Norway
Flatfoot rensar Nilen Sweden
Këmbëmadhi i Egjiptit Albania
Lättäjalka Egyptissä (DVD menu title) Finland
Malabar sur le Nil France
Miliónový brouk Czechoslovakia
Miliónový chrobák Slovakia
O Inspector Martelada no Nilo Portugal
Pied-plat sur le Nil Canada
Pied-plat sur le Nil France
Piedone d'Egitto Italy
Piedone Egyiptomban Hungary
Piedone in Egipt Romania
Plattfuß am Nil West Germany
Plattfuß am Nil West Germany
Platvoet aan de Nijl Netherlands
Serif v dolini Nila Slovenia
Strømeren overgår sig selv (première title) Denmark
Strømeren slår til igen Denmark
Turpa kiinni, krokotiili Finland
Um Tira Enrolado Brazil
Un superpolicia en Egipto Peru
Wielka Stopa w Egipcie Poland
Zapatones Spain
Μπουλντόζας Εναντίον Μπουλντόζα Greece
Громила в Египте Soviet Union
Пиедоне в Египет Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Baldwyn Dakile Bodo