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Early Edition (TV series 1996-2000)

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1996 September, 28
41 minutes
Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

What would you do if tomorrow's paper came to your door today? If you knew that you were going to die? Be lucky in love unlucky in life? That's what Gary Hobson has to ask himself every day. Gary Hobson is a stockbroker that got fired from his job and his wife found him uninteresting and kicked him out. You see it's quite simple. Everyday an orange cat comes to his door with the paper (a Chicago Sun Times). Gary doesn't know where it comes from. He did a bit of research and found out that a man named Lucis Snow, was an old typesetter and he had the paper before Gary. The day after Snow died, the paper came to Gary. Gary has two friends. Chuck Fishman, who has been best buds with Gary since college. Chuck wants Gary to give him the scores of games, winning lotto numbers, stocks, or even soap opera tips. Marrisa is Gary's blind friend who helps Gary make all the right choices. - IMDb

Aikavaras Finland
Allein gegen die Zukunft Germany
Ban Tin Som Vietnam
Demain à la une France
Edição de Amanhã Brazil
Edição Especial Portugal
Edición anterior Spain
A Kiválasztott - Az amerikai látnok Hungary
Mahadoora Mookdemet (Hebrew title) Israel
Mig og fremtiden Denmark
Morgondagens hjälte Sweden
Noticias del futuro Argentina
Předčasné vydání Czech Republic
Proini ekdosi (transliterated title) Greece
Prvo izdanje Croatia
Ultime dal cielo Italy
Viitorul începe azi Romania
Zdarzyło się jutro Poland
Завтра наступит сегодня Russia
Сутрашње издање Serbia
Утрешен вестник (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Ryan Kelley [12] Tom Stone (TV Episode: The Quality of Mercy) (1998)
Mae Whitman [8] Amanda Bailey (TV Episode: The Choice) (1996)
Taylor Momsen [5] Allie (TV Episode: A Minor Miracle) (1998)
Andrew Ducote [14] Gary (age 11) (TV Episode: Time) (2000)
Billy O'Sullivan [17] Tommy Grasier (TV Episode: Faith) (1997)
Caitlin Wachs [8] Annie Anderson (TV Episode: Home) (1997)
Emily Ann Lloyd [13] Rachel Greenberg (TV Episode: Faith) (1997)
Jonathan Tucker [15] Tony (TV Episode: Frostbit) (1997)
Mason Gamble [10] Bryce Porter (TV Episode: Gun) (1996)
Micah Kanters Jello (TV Episode: A Horse Is a Horse) (1998)
Myles Jeffrey [8] Henry Paget (TV Episode: Blowing Up Is Hard to Do) (1998)
Emile Hirsch [12] Lance Foster (TV Episode: March in Time) (1997)
Brandon Hammond [14] Jesse (TV Episode: Hot Time in the Old Town) (1998)
Vincent Berry [10] Will (TV Episode: Home) (1997)

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