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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (TV series 1990-1996)

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1990 September, 10
22 minutes


When Will, an inner-city teenager from Philly is sent by his mother to live with his relatives (the Banks') in Bel-Air, everybody is in for a surprise. It is funny how influence can go both ways... - IMDb

Уилл рос в небольшом райончике в Западной Филаделфии. Был обычным парнем, играл в баскетбол, слушал хип-хоп и тд. Все было достаточно безоблачно, пока Уилл не ввязался в драку с "большими дядьками". После этого его мама в срочном порядке отправляет его к своей родной сестре, которая живет в районе Бель-Эйр, Беверли-Хиллз. Именно с этого момента и начинается первая серия...

Bajer z Bel-Air Poland
Bel Airin prinssi Finland
Fresh Prince i Bel-Air Sweden
Kaliforniába jöttem Hungary
Novopeceni princ iz Bel-Aira (alternative title) Slovenia
O prigipas tou Bel-Air Greece
O Príncipe de Bel-Air Portugal
O príncipe de Bel-Air (Gallegan title) Spain
Princ iz Bel Era Serbia
Princ iz Bel-Aira Croatia
Princ z Bel-Aira Slovenia
Le prince de Bel-Air France
El Príncep de Bel-Air (Catalan title) Spain
El Príncipe de Bel-Air Spain
El Príncipe del rap Peru
El Príncipe del rap Argentina
Der Prinz von Bel-Air West Germany
Der Prinz von Bel-Air Germany
Rap fyr i L.A. Denmark
Um Maluco no Pedaço Brazil
Willy, il principe di Bel Air Italy
Принц iз Беверлi-Хiллз Ukraine
Принц из Беверли-Хиллз Russia

Children's Cast:

Caitlin Wachs [6] Penny Jillette (TV Episode: Save the Last Trance for Me) (1995)
Naya Rivera [6] Cindy (TV Episode: Bundle of Joy) (1993)
Ross Bagley [6] Nicky Banks (TV Episode: I, Stank Horse) (1994)
Zachery Ty Bryan [14] Steve (TV Episode: There's the Rub: Part 1) (1995)
Paige Tamada [8] Blue Bird #2 / Jessie (TV Episode: Six Degrees of Graduation) (1993)
Raven-Symoné [7] Claudia Watson (TV Episode: Vying for Attention) (1992)
Nicholle Tom [13] Zoey (TV Episode: The Butler Did It) (1991)
DeVaughn Nixon Shaquille (TV Episode: Bundle of Joy) (1993)
Curtis Blanck [8] Nicky's Friend (TV Episode: Boxing Helena) (1996)
Vicki Wauchope Caroler #5 (TV Episode: Deck the Halls) (1990)
Tatyana Ali [11] Ashley Banks (TV Episode: I, Done: Part 2) (1990)
Elisabeth Harnois [14] Steffi (TV Episode: Will Goes a Courtin') (1993)
Brandon Quintin Adams [12] Bryan / Ramon (TV Episode: Something for Nothing) (1991)
DeJuan Guy [12] Billy (TV Episode: You've Got to Be a Football Hero) (1993)
Lance Robinson Student #3 (TV Episode: Stress Related) (1995)
Brian Levinson [11] Michael (TV Episode: Six Degrees of Graduation) (1993)
Justin Shenkarow [10] Kevin Driscoll (TV Episode: Deck the Halls) (1990)
Gary LeRoi Gray [5] Young Carlton (TV Episode: Will Gets Committed) (1992)
Ashley Bank [9] Sasha (TV Episode: Day Damn One) (1990)
Ashley Monique Clark [8] Blue Bird #3 (TV Episode: I, Bowl Buster) (1996)
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