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Drop Dead Diva (TV series 2009-2014)

Ddd (USA: informal short title)
Diva (USA: informal title)

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2009 July, 12
60 minutes
Comedy / Drama

Deb, a shallow model's sudden demise results in her being reincarnated as Jane, a plus size lawyer with astonishing intelligence. As Deb sees life through Jane's eyes, she realizes it doesn't matter how big you are, just how you accept it and know you're beautiful no matter what people say. - IMDb

De Corpo e Alma Portugal
Ddd (informal short title) USA
Diva (informal title) USA
Una diva cambiando de cuerpo (alternative title) Mexico
Diva za umret Slovenia
Divina de la muerte Spain
Haláli testcsere Hungary
Umri divo Serbia
До смерти красива Russia
Паднала от небето (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

David Mazouz [13] Ryan Hatcher (TV Episode: Life & Death) (2014)
Maddie Ziegler [10] Young Deb (TV Episode: Lady Parts) (2012)
Alexa Nikolas [17] Hannah Porter (TV Episode: The Magic Bullet) (2009)
Katherine McNamara [16] Ann Logan (TV Episode: Ah, Men) (2011)
Nicholas Stargel [10] Billy Prentiss (TV Episode: Will & Grayson) (2010)
Noah Lomax [9] Noah Porter (TV Episode: Back from the Dead) (2010)
Mackenzie Lintz [15] Pamela Bovitz (TV Episode: Closure) (2011)
Sophia Watson [11] Ella Kaswell-Bailey (TV Episode: He Said, She Said) (2011)
Kyla Deaver Zoey (TV Episode: Missed Congeniality) (2013)
Darby Camp [7] Daisy Bowen (TV Episode: Desperate Housewife) (2014)

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