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It's a Big Country: An American Anthology

It's a Big Country (USA: short title)
It's a Big Country: An American Anthology (USA)

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1951 November, 20
89 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Production Company:
$ 1 013 000

The story, told in eight episodes, covers different facets of the American Spirit, from racial and religious tolerance to the dangers of self-centeredness and myopic reasoning. The parables represent a broad cross-section of the American experience: the elderly woman whose pride is injured when she's forgotten in the latest census; the novice minister more pleased with the sound of his own voice than with the needs of his congregation; the mother who confronts the illogic of racial intolerance when she meets the best friend of the son she lost to war; and the enigma that is Texas. Episode titles are: 1) Interruptions, Interruptions; 2) Census Taker; 3) Negro Story; 4) Rosika, the Rose; 5) Letter from Korea; 6) Lone Star; (7) Minister in Washington; 8) Four Eyes; a further episode, titled Load, directed by Anthony Mann, with 'Jean Hersholt' (q.v.) and 'Ann Harding' (q.v.), was filmed but deleted. - IMDb

It's a Big Country Canada
It's a Big Country (short title) USA
It's a Big Country: An American Anthology USA
No Palco da Vida Brazil
Nueve vidas Mexico
Un gran país Spain
Эта большая страна Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Carol Nugent [14] Girl
George McDonald Boy
Mickey Little [10] Boy
Robert Hyatt [11] Joey Esposito
Sharon McManus [13] Sam Szabo
Tony Taylor Baby Sitter
June Hedin [14] Kati Szabo
Jerry Hunter Frank Grillo