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Hill Street Blues (TV series 1981-1987)


Also known as: Spanarna på Hill Street (Sweden)
Director: Gregory Hoblit, Christian I. Nyby II, David Anspaugh ... more
Release: 15 Jan 1981
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama

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The original "ensemble drama," this is the story of an overworked, under-staffed police precinct in an anonymous inner city patterned after Chicago. We follow the lives of many characters, from the lowly beat and traffic cops to the captain of the precinct himself. This is the show that blazed the trail followed later by such notable ensemble dramas as "St. Elsewhere" and "L.A. Law." - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Ian Giatti [8] Christopher Stone (TV Episode: Passage to Libya) (1985)
Joaquin Phoenix [10] Daniel (TV Episode: The Rise and Fall of Paul the Wall) (1984)
Maggie Munro [13] Girl 2 (TV Episode: Fruits of the Poisonous Tree) (1981)
Hakeem Abdul-Samad [11] Kid (TV Episode: Scales of Justice) (1986)
Anthony Trujillo Kid (TV Episode: Grace Under Pressure) (1984)
Bumper Robinson [9] Kid / Jimmy (TV Episode: Doris in Wonderland) (1983)

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