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The Memory Keeper's Daughter (TV)

The Memory Keeper's Daughter (United Kingdom)

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2008 April, 12
90 minutes
Production Company:


On a snowy winter night in 1964, Dr. David Henry rushes his pregnant wife Norah to the hospital, where, with help from her husband and nurse Caroline Gill, she delivers their son Paul. However, Dr. Henry discovers that his wife was carrying twins, and helps her deliver the second child, a baby girl named Phoebe. Shortly after Phoebe's birth, he finds that she has Down Syndrome, and hands her over to Nurse Caroline, explaining that the death of his ill sister nearly destroyed their mother and he doesn't want Norah to go through that. Instead, he instructs Caroline to take Phoebe to a nearby institution for the mentally ill, figuring the child won't live much longer, and tells Norah that Phoebe was a stillborn. However, after visiting the institution and seeing the state of the other patients, Caroline takes the baby home with her, stopping along the way to buy formula and diapers. With help from a truck driver named Al, Caroline begins to raise the baby as her own, while Dr. Henry develops an obsession for photography after his wife gives him the gift of a Memory Keeper camera. - IMDb

L'enfant du secret France
La figlia del silenzio Italy
El Guardián de la memoria Spain
El Guardián de los recuerdos Argentina
Hija de la memoria (DVD box title) Argentina
Kegyes hazugság Hungary
Memory Keeper - Schatten der Vergangenheit West Germany
The Memory Keeper's Daughter United Kingdom
The Memory Keeper's Daughter USA
Rozdelené dvojičky Slovakia
Segredos de Família Brazil
Segredos de Família Portugal
Skoteino mystiko Greece
Strom v srdci Czechoslovakia
Σκοτεινό μυστικό Greece
Дочь хранителя тайны Russia
メモリー・キーパーの娘 Japan

Children's Cast:

Owen Pattison [9] Paul 6 years
David Gibson McLean [15] Duke
Tyler Stentiford [13] Paul 13 years