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Diff'rent Strokes (TV series 1978-1986)

45 Minutes from Harlem (USA: working title)

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1978 November, 3
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family
Production Company:


Phillip Drummond, a widowed Manhattan millionaire and president of the mega-firm Trans Allied Inc., adopts two orphaned black brothers from Harlem, 8-year-old Arnold and 12-year-old Willis. Drummond had made a promise to their dying mother, his housekeeper that he would care for the boys after she passes on; their father had died years earlier. The boys, whom Drummond always introduced as his two sons, went from rags to riches literally overnight. At first, Willis was rather skeptical of their newfound wealth, but eventually, both he and Arnold felt right at home in their newfound surroundings. Also part of the family were Drummond's beautiful daughter, 13-year-old Kimberly; and his current housekeeper, Edna Garrett. As the years passed, Mrs. Garrett left to become housemother at the Eastland School for Girls; she was replaced by the cantankerous Adelaide Brubaker and still later, charming Pearl Gallagher. Arnold's friends, Dudley and Robbie (and later, Charlie); Willis' girlfriend, Charlene; cast members from "The Facts of Life"; and Drummond's sister, Sophia, were frequently seen. In early 1984, Drummond found true love, marrying fitness instructor Maggie McKinney; she had a 6-year-old son, Sam. While most shows revolved around the typical lessons of growing up, some were quite serious (including a frightening encounter with a child molester and a memorable episode dealing with drug abuse guest starring First Lady Nancy Reagan). - IMDb

45 Minutes from Harlem (working title) USA
Arnold (dubbed version) Uruguay
Arnold Venezuela
Arnold Brazil
Arnold Spain
Arnold (short title) Italy
Arnold bouya wa ninkimono Japan
Arnold et Willy France
Blanco y negro Mexico
Blanco y negro Peru
Blanco y negro Argentina
Harlem contro Manhattan (alternative title) Italy
Il mio amico Arnold Italy
Noch Fragen Arnold? Germany
Различные ходы (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Kim Richards [15] Ruthie Alder (TV Episode: The Trip: Part 1) (1979)
Meeno Peluce [10] Miller (TV Episode: Football Father) (1980)
Cory 'Bumper' Yothers [12] Matt (TV Episode: A Haunting We Will Go) (1984)
Dana Plato [14] Kimberly Drummond / Hans (TV Episode: Bulimia) (1978)
Danny Cooksey [9] Sam McKinney (TV Episode: The Front Page) (1984)
Gabriel Damon [9] Timmy Frankel (TV Episode: It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To) (1985)
Gary Coleman [10] Arnold Jackson (TV Episode: The Front Page) (1978)
Jason Hervey [13] Charlie (TV Episode: The Photo Club) (1985)
Joey Lawrence [6] Joey (TV Episode: Big Brother) (1982)
Rachel Jacobs [9] Alice Tanner (TV Episode: Arnold's Girlfriend: Part 1) (1979)
Soleil Moon Frye [9] Terry Harris (TV Episode: Sam's New Pal) (1985)
Stephen Dorff [12] Scott (TV Episode: Sam Adopts a Grandparent) (1985)
Todd Bridges [13] Willis Jackson (TV Episode: The Photo Club) (1978)
Todd Lookinland [16] Eddie Sanders (TV Episode: The Team) (1981)
Molly Ringwald [11] Molly Parker (TV Episode: The Girls School) (1979)
Billy 'Pop' Atmore [14] Bubba (TV Episode: The Club Meeting) (1979)
Krista Errickson [15] Diane Alder (TV Episode: Feudin' and Fussin': Part 1) (1979)
Janet Jackson [14] Charlene DuPrey (TV Episode: The Houseguest) (1980)
Carl Steven [12] Kurt (TV Episode: Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown) (1986)
Steven Mond [9] Robbie Jason (TV Episode: Arnold's Bad Rep) (1980)
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