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Punky Brewster (TV series 1984-1988)

Punky Brewster (USA)

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1984 September, 16
30 minutes
Family / Comedy


Punky Brewster is a show about a girl named Penelope "Punky" Brewster. She is abandoned with her dog, Brandon, in a supermarket by her mother. She doesn't want to stay in an orphanage, and finally befriends Henry Warnimont who adopts her. - IMDb

Punky - Ei jente med tæl Norway
Punky Brewster Canada
Punky Brewster Philippines
Punky Brewster West Germany
Punky Brewster Canada
Punky Brewster Singapore
Punky Brewster Ecuador
Punky Brewster Netherlands
Punky Brewster USA
Punky Brewster United Kingdom
Punky Brewster Australia
Punky Brewster France
Punky Brewster Spain
Punky Brewster South Africa
Punky Brewster Italy
Punky Brewster Mexico
Punky, a Levada da Breca Brazil
Tina Trausta Iceland
Αξιολάτρευτη Πάνκυ Greece
Η αξιολάτρευτη Πάνκι Greece
Панки Брюстер Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Meeno Peluce [15] Zack (TV Episode: Henry Falls in Love: Part 2) (1985)
Benji Gregory [7] Dash (TV Episode: Fenster Hall: Part 1) (1985)
Chad Allen [11] Brian / Conrad (TV Episode: My Aged Valentine) (1985)
Ami Foster [9] Margaux Kramer (TV Episode: Wedding Bells for Brandon) (1984)
Candace Cameron Bure [9] Julie Whitney / Jennifer Bates (TV Episode: Milk Does a Body Good) (1985)
Casey Ellison [8] Allen Anderson (TV Episode: Divorce Anderson Style) (1984)
Cherie Johnson [9] Cherie Johnson (TV Episode: Wedding Bells for Brandon) (1984)
Gabriel Damon [9] Lyle (TV Episode: Fenster Hall: Part 1) (1985)
Jason Hervey [16] Garth Goobler (TV Episode: Radio Daze) (1988)
Jeremy Miller [8] Jimmy (TV Episode: Visit to the Doctor/Go to Sleep) (1984)
Peter Billingsley [14] Richmond Matzie (TV Episode: Christmas Shoplifting) (1985)
Soleil Moon Frye [8] Penelope 'Punky' Brewster / Princess Moon (TV Episode: Wedding Bells for Brandon) (1984)
B.J. Barie Conan (TV Episode: Fenster Hall: Part 2) (1985)
Carl Steven [13] Joey Deaton (TV Episode: Beer and Buffalos Don't Mix) (1987)
Victor DiMattia [7] Myron (TV Episode: Help Wanted) (1987)
R.J. Williams [6] Scotty Lotabucci (TV Episode: Walk Pool/Gone Fishin') (1984)
Scott Menville [16] Boy (TV Episode: Open Door, Broken Heart: Part 2) (1987)
Scott Nemes [11] Willie (TV Episode: My Aged Valentine) (1985)
Bumper Robinson [13] Donald Sotta (TV Episode: Best Friends) (1987)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar [14] Walker Wimbley (TV Episode: One Plus Tutor Is Three) (1988)
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