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The Twilight Zone (TV series 1985-1989)


Also known as: The New Twilight Zone (Australia)
Director: Paul Lynch, Peter Medak, Ryszard Bugajski ... more
Release: 27 Sep 1985
Country: UK
Runtime: 45 minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller / Horror

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An updated version of the famous 1960's TV series created by Rod Serling. Each week presents one to three tales about some unusual situation that turns out to be even more unusual than initially suspected. Whether the tone of the story is horror, suspense or humor, there is always a surprise twist at the end. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Barret Oliver [13] Georgie (TV Episode: Gramma/Personal Demons/Cold Reading) (1986) (segment: Gramma)
Lisa Jakub [11] Lisa Cranston (TV Episode: Street of Shadows) (1989)
Lukas Haas [10] Mike (TV Episode: What Are Friends For?/Aqua Vita) (1986) (segment: What Are Friends For?)
Fred Savage [10] Jeff Mattingly (TV Episode: What Are Friends For?/Aqua Vita) (1986) (segment: What Are Friends For?)
Sydney Penny [15] Mary Miletti (TV Episode: Shadow Play/Grace Note) (1986) (segment: Grace Note)
Benji Gregory [7] Boy (TV Episode: Night of the Meek/But Can She Type?/The Star) (1985) (segment: Night of the Meek)
Andrea Barber [9] Cathy Marano (TV Episode: If She Dies/Ye Gods) (1985) (segment: If She Dies)
Danica McKellar [10] Deidre Dobbs (TV Episode: Her Pilgrim Soul/I of Newton) (1985) (segment: Shelter Skelter)
Danny Cooksey [10] Little Boy (TV Episode: Act Break/The Burning Man/Dealer's Choice) (1985) (segment: The Burning Man)
David Faustino [12] Micah Frost (TV Episode: The Storyteller/Nightsong) (1986) (segment: The Storyteller)
Douglas Emerson [12] Young Roger (TV Episode: The Elevator/To See the Invisible Man/Tooth and Consequences) (1986) (segment: The Elevator)
Hayley Taylor [8] Townsperson (TV Episode: The Beacon/One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty) (1985) (segment: The Beacon)
Jason Presson [14] Eric (TV Episode: The Shadow Man/The Uncle Devil Show/Opening Day) (1985) (segment: The Shadow Man)
Johnny Green [14] Larry Conrad (TV Episode: What Are Friends For?/Aqua Vita) (1986) (segment: What Are Friends For?)
Oliver Robins [15] Toby Michaels (TV Episode: Monsters!/A Small Talent for War/A Matter of Minutes) (1986) (segment: Monsters!)
Zachary Bostrom [6] Matthew Wolfe (TV Episode: The Card/The Junction) (1987) (segment: The Card)
Juliet Sorci [8] Little Girl (TV Episode: Joy Ride/Shelter Skelter/Private Channel) (1987) (segment: Private Channel)
Illya Woloshyn [7] Chad Judson (TV Episode: The Hellgramite Method) (1988)
Jenny Lewis [9] Sarah (TV Episode: If She Dies/Ye Gods) (1985) (segment: If She Dies)
Scott Grimes [14] Kenny (TV Episode: Little Boy Lost/Wish Bank/Nightcrawlers) (1985) (segment: Little Boy Lost)
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