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The Littlest Diplomat

The Littlest Diplomat (USA)
Technicolor Specials (1937-1938 season) #1: The Littlest Diplomat (USA: series title)

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1937 September, 7
19 minutes
Adventure / Drama / Musical / Short
Production Company:

At an outpost near Peshawar, gruff Colonel Hardwick wants to put down the local rebellious Khan with bullets and bayonets, but the British government wants to try diplomacy, so Sir Harmon, the civilian leader, orders Hardwick to make no belligerent moves. The outpost is paid an unannounced visit by Sybil Hardwick, the colonel's granddaughter. The charming Sybil, an orphan of about seven, is strong-willed, so when her grandfather orders her to stay in her room, she leaves through the window. She's soon picked up by the Khan's men. The colonel defies Sir Harmon and rides with his men toward the Khan's encampment intent on shooting up the place and rescuing Sybil. A surprise awaits. - IMDb

The Littlest Diplomat USA
Technicolor Specials (1937-1938 season) #1: The Littlest Diplomat (series title) USA

Children's Cast:

Sybil Jason [9] Sybil Hardwick