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Highway to Heaven (TV series 1984-1989)


Aka: Путь на небеса (Soviet Union: Russian title)
Director: Michael Landon, Victor French, Dan Gordon ... more
Year: 1984
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Jonathan Smith is a probationary angel sent back to Earth to help people. During the series' first episode, he meets embittered ex-policeman Mark Gordon (as Jonathan is walking along a little-used road, on which Mark happens to be driving). Jonathan helps reform Mark, with the grateful Mark agreeing to become Jonathan's right-hand associate in carrying out the heavenly mission. The two begin traveling the country as itinerant workers, receiving assignments from "the Boss" (God), with their mission being to deliver love, understanding and humility to the people they encountered. Typical episodes stressed moral, Christian themes; though many episodes dealt with common human failings, such as egotism, bitterness and greed, some shows addressed such topics as racism and cancer. A few shows, however, were played mainly for laughs (such as Landon recreating his first famous starring role in a takeoff of his 1957 film I Was a Teenage Werewolf). - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Wil Wheaton [13] Max (TV Episode: One Winged Angels) (1985)
Barret Oliver [11] Arthur Nealy (TV Episode: To Touch the Moon) (1984)
Maia Brewton [10] Robin (TV Episode: A Mother and a Daughter) (1987)
Scott Curtis [9] Paul Garrett (TV Episode: The Smile in the Third Row) (1985)
Elizabeth Cheshire [17] Girl Student / Gale (TV Episode: Dust Child) (1984)
Chad Allen [14] Ricky Diller (TV Episode: The Whole Nine Yards) (1988)
Joshua John Miller [11] Jason Winner (TV Episode: A Song for Jason: Part 1) (1985)
Billy O'Sullivan [7] Matty Burke (TV Episode: With Love, the Claus) (1987)
Christian Cousins [5] Hope (TV Episode: Heaven Nose, Mister Smith) (1988)
Cory 'Bumper' Yothers [13] Boy (TV Episode: Going Home, Going Home) (1985)
Danny Pintauro [11] Alex (TV Episode: Man's Best Friend: Part 1) (1987)
David Faustino [11] Robbie Down (TV Episode: Plane Death) (1985)
David Friedman [12] Kevin (TV Episode: Popcorn, Peanuts and CrackerJacks) (1985)
Douglas Emerson [10] Donny Wells (TV Episode: Hotel of Dreams) (1984)
Gabriel Damon [11] Bobby Martin (TV Episode: The People Next Door) (1987)
Garette Ratliff Henson [7] Tommy / Stevie Douglas (TV Episode: Amazing Man) (1987)
Jason Marin [12] Jerry Meyers / Gary (TV Episode: Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind) (1986)
Joseph Cousins [5] Faith (TV Episode: Heaven Nose, Mister Smith) (1988)
Justin Gocke [11] Eric (TV Episode: Summer Camp) (1989)
Michael Faustino [9] Jason Barnett (TV Episode: A Mother's Love) (1988)
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