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Dian tang lang


Also known as: Mantis Fist Fighter (USA)
Mantis Fist Boxer (Australia)
Director: Wing-Cho Yip
Release: 3 Jan 1980
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Action / Comedy

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Hugely popular in the 70s Time Squares rounds, the movie stars the actor from "Cantonese Iron Kung Fu" along with the drunken mantis master --- an immediately recognizable spectacular actor who routinely plays the drunken master or the monkey master. There is intentional comic relief, but not to a distraction. The plot is fairly mundane --- the evil gang leaders are mad that they constantly getting shown up by a local fish seller who learns kung fu at the local Shaolin temple in his spare time. In spite, the gang members eventuually kill everyone associated with the fighter. Meanwhile the fighter perfects his skills by incorporating the mantis technique of a local con artist beggar and his boy protege. The evil gang member boss, an Eagle master, in the end is the fighter's only rival. The story is compellingly executed with tempered slapstick and comedy. Numerous fights populate the film, involving spell-binding mantis choreography. The final battle is extraordinarily memorable. -

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