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Childrens Hospital (TV series)

Childrens Hospital (Australia)

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2008 December, 8
11 minutes

Explores the emotional struggles and sexual politics of a group of doctors charged with healthy libidos. Their dedication to their personal lives is relentless, interrupted only by the occasional need to treat sick children. - IMDb

Childrens Hospital South Korea
Childrens Hospital West Germany
Childrens Hospital Canada
Childrens Hospital United Arab Emirates
Childrens Hospital Spain
Childrens Hospital South Africa
Childrens Hospital France
Childrens Hospital Turkey
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Childrens Hospital Italy
Childrens Hospital Australia
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Childrens Hospital Canada
Dečija Bolnica Serbia
Детская больница Russia
チルドレンズホスピタル Japan

Children's Cast:

Zachary Gordon [13] Mike (TV Episode: Ward 8) (2011)
Max Charles [12] Billy (TV Episode: With Great Power...) (2015)
Cole Sand Dylan (TV Episode: Imaginary Friends) (2013)
Garrett Ryan [11] Kid (TV Episode: Give a Painted Brother a Break) (2010)
Skyler Brigmann Noah (TV Episode: Frankfurters. Allman Brothers. Death. Frankfurters.) (2010)
Taylor Lipman [12] Young Cancer Patient (TV Episode: A Hospital Isn't a Place) (2008)
Joshua Erenberg Boy (TV Episode: The '70s Episode) (2011)
Annalise Basso [12] Morgan (TV Episode: I See Her Face Everywhere) (2010)
Laura Marano [15] Haley (TV Episode: Give a Painted Brother a Break) (2010)
Joshua Rush [10] Seth (TV Episode: Ward 8) (2011)
Grant Collins Blake's TV Son (TV Episode: I See Her Face Everywhere) (2010)
Ariana Guido Girl with Broken Arm (TV Episode: Give a Painted Brother a Break) (2010)
Skylan Brooks Boy (TV Episode: Nip/Tug) (2011)
Gabriel Aslan Rosa's Son (TV Episode: Free Day) (2012)
Katie Silverman [11] Sally (TV Episode: The Show You Watch) (2016)
Nikki Hahn [10] Carrie (TV Episode: The Return of the Young Billionaire) (2012)
Griffin Prechter Young Sy (TV Episode: The Coffee Machine Paid for Itself) (2010)
Ethan Dizon Braden (TV Episode: By the Throat) (2016)
Major Curda Kid Patient (TV Episode: Wisedocs) (2012)
Avery Phillips [6] Orphan (TV Episode: Newsreaders) (2011)
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