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The Incredible Hulk (TV series 1978-1982)

The Incredible Hulk (United Kingdom)

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1977 November, 4
60 minutes
Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Production Company:


Dr. David Banner is a brilliant scientist but, one day, a laboratory experiment that he is working on goes terribly awry. Since that time, whenever he is under extreme stress, his body undergoes a transmogrification and he morphs into the Incredible Hulk. The Hulk is about seven feet tall, hugely muscular and powerful, and has bright green skin. After destroying whatever threatens Dr. Banner, he morphs back to normal human form with only amnesia and tattered clothing as evidence of what just transpired. As you can well imagine, this situation is quite troubling for Dr. Banner and causes him a great amount of problems. All the while, he is pursued by Jack McGee, an investigative reporter who believes that the Hulk is a deadly menace whose exposure would enhance his career. - IMDb

Chôjin haruku Japan
El Hombre increíble Mexico
El Hombre increíble Venezuela
El Hombre increíble Peru
De Hulk Netherlands
De Hulk (informal literal title) Netherlands
Hulk... el hombre increìble (dubbed version) Uruguay
Hulken Sweden
L'incredibile Hulk Italy
The Incredible Hulk South Africa
The Incredible Hulk India
The Incredible Hulk South Korea
The Incredible Hulk Canada
The Incredible Hulk Philippines
The Incredible Hulk Indonesia
The Incredible Hulk Poland
The Incredible Hulk Singapore
The Incredible Hulk United Kingdom
The Incredible Hulk Australia
The Incredible Hulk Turkey
The Incredible Hulk United Arab Emirates
The Incredible Hulk Canada
The Incredible Hulk Ecuador
The Incredible Hulk USA
The Incredible Hulk India
El Increíble Hulk Spain
El Increíble Hulk Argentina
L'incroyable Hulk France
La masa Spain
Menneske eller monster (theatrical title) Denmark
O Incrível Hulk Brazil
Den otrolige Hulken Sweden
Der Unglaubliche Hulk West Germany
Der Unglaubliche Hulk West Germany
Ο απίθανος Hulk Greece
Невероватни Хулк Serbia
Невероятный Халк Soviet Union
Неймовірний Халк Ukraine
超人ハルク Japan

Children's Cast:

Barret Oliver [8] Jimmy the Kid (TV Episode: Veteran) (1981)
Meeno Peluce [8] The Boy (TV Episode: Married) (1978)
Angela Lee Little Girl (TV Episode: King of the Beach) (1981)
Michelle Stacy [11] Patty Banks (TV Episode: Blind Rage) (1979)
Brandon Cruz [16] Kevin (TV Episode: 747) (1978)
Maggie Munro [14] Young Girl (TV Episode: Slaves) (1982)
Reed Diamond Young David (TV Episode: Homecoming) (1979)
Ben Jeffery Clint (TV Episode: Fast Lane) (1981)
Dennis Dimster [13] Mark Hollinger (TV Episode: A Child in Need) (1978)
Cari Anne Warder Cory Child (TV Episode: Mystery Man: Part II) (1979)
Debbie Lytton [12] Samantha Bates (TV Episode: The Antowuk Horror) (1978)
Chris Petersen [16] Steve (TV Episode: No Escape) (1979)
Tiger Williams Young John Tobey (TV Episode: Killer Instinct) (1978)
David Comfort Timmy Wilkes (TV Episode: Nine Hours) (1980)