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Casualty (TV series)

Aka: Casual+y (UK: alternative spelling)
Front Line (UK: working title)
Director: Michael Owen Morris, Paul Murphy, Declan O'Dwyer ... more
Year: 1986
Country: UK
Runtime: 50 minutes
Genre: Drama
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23 Oct, 20:55

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Drama depicting the private and working lives of the patients, doctors, nurses and others attending a small but frantically busy accident and emergency department of the large Holby General hospital. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Carrie Mullan [13] Kylie (TV Episode: Past, Present, Future) (2002)
Elizabeth Earl [10] Meg McDermott (TV Episode: A Taste of Freedom) (1997)
Zak Davies Hassan / Alex Burrows (TV Episode: Under Fire (Red Button Episode)) (2004)
Harry Eden [11] Chris Murphy / Matty Tate (TV Episode: Something from the Heart) (2001)
Eros Vlahos [12] Liam Hendricks (TV Episode: Snowball) (2007)
Oaklee Pendergast Will Forrester (TV Episode: Death and Doughnuts) (2012)
Kit Connor [9] Barnaby Lee (TV Episode: Away in a Manger) (2013)
Ella Jones [9] Alice Bishop (TV Episode: Home Truths) (1998)
Lathaniel Dyer [17] Che Fraser (TV Episode: The Personal Touch) (2007)
Josh Maguire [10] James Leonard (TV Episode: Chain Reactions) (1996)
Juliette Caton [17] Andrea Gibbs / Jan (TV Episode: That Way Lies Ruin) (1992)
Karen Salt 'Whitney' Christine Warbin / Kasha Lewis (TV Episode: In the Black) (1991)
Keylee Jade Flanders [9] Kitty / Charlotte Sherwin (TV Episode: Turning Point) (1995)
Lucinda Dryzek [14] Kizzy Harper (TV Episode: For Better or Worse) (2005)
Nicholas Hoult [7] Craig Morrissey (TV Episode: It Ain't Me, Babe) (1996)
Liam Hess [10] Louis Fairhead / Stanley Wilson (TV Episode: Taking Care) (2002)
Rory Jennings [11] Ashley / Kevin Bingham / Danny Miller (TV Episode: Crossing the Line) (1994)
Greg Sheffield Robbie Beckley (TV Episode: Trust in Me) (2006)
Aaron Taylor-Johnson [16] Joey Byrne (TV Episode: Silent Ties) (2006)
Kristopher Milnes [15] Joey Sammels (TV Episode: Shame the Devil) (1995)
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