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Casualty (TV series)

Casual+y (United Kingdom: alternative spelling)
Casualty (United Kingdom)
Front Line (United Kingdom)

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1986 September, 6
United Kingdom
50 minutes

Drama depicting the private and working lives of the patients, doctors, nurses and others attending a small but frantically busy accident and emergency department of the large Holby General hospital. - IMDb

Baleseti sebészet Hungary
Casual+y (alternative spelling) United Kingdom
Casualty Netherlands
Casualty United Kingdom
Casualty South Korea
Casualty Canada
Casualty Indonesia
Casualty South Africa
Casualty Spain
Casualty Sweden
Casualty India
Casualty Australia
Casualty West Germany
Casualty Ecuador
Casualty USA
Casualty Singapore
Casualty Canada
Casualty France
Casualty Turkey
Casualty Italy
Casualty Mexico
Casualty Philippines
Front Line United Kingdom
Na sygnale Poland
Pacientii Romania
Sairaalaelämää Finland
Skadestuen i Holby (reissue title) Denmark
Жртва Serbia
Катастрофа Soviet Union
カジュアリティー Japan

Children's Cast:

Carrie Mullan [13] Kylie (TV Episode: Past, Present, Future) (2002)
Elizabeth Earl [10] Meg McDermott (TV Episode: A Taste of Freedom) (1997)
Zak Davies Hassan / Alex Burrows (TV Episode: Under Fire (Red Button Episode)) (2004)
Harry Eden [11] Chris Murphy / Matty Tate (TV Episode: Something from the Heart) (2001)
Eros Vlahos [12] Liam Hendricks (TV Episode: Snowball) (2007)
Oaklee Pendergast Will Forrester (TV Episode: Death and Doughnuts) (2012)
Kit Connor [9] Barnaby Lee (TV Episode: Away in a Manger) (2013)
Ella Jones [9] Alice Bishop (TV Episode: Home Truths) (1998)
Lathaniel Dyer [17] Che Fraser (TV Episode: The Personal Touch) (2007)
Guy Witcher David Alsop (TV Episode: Outside Bulawayo) (1995)
Josh Maguire [10] James Leonard (TV Episode: Chain Reactions) (1996)
Juliette Caton [17] Andrea Gibbs / Jan (TV Episode: That Way Lies Ruin) (1992)
Karen Salt 'Whitney' Christine Warbin / Kasha Lewis (TV Episode: In the Black) (1991)
Keylee Jade Flanders [9] Kitty / Charlotte Sherwin (TV Episode: Turning Point) (1995)
Lucinda Dryzek [14] Kizzy Harper (TV Episode: For Better or Worse) (2005)
Nicholas Hoult [7] Craig Morrissey (TV Episode: It Ain't Me, Babe) (1996)
Liam Hess [10] Louis Fairhead / Stanley Wilson (TV Episode: Taking Care) (2002)
Rory Jennings [11] Ashley / Kevin Bingham / Danny Miller (TV Episode: Crossing the Line) (1994)
Sam Friend Tom Sambrook / David Wells (TV Episode: Chinese Whispers) (2000)
Greg Sheffield Robbie Beckley (TV Episode: Trust in Me) (2006)
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