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Gun Code

Aka: A Lei do Chumbo (Portugal)
Director: Sam Newfield
Year: 1940
Country: USA
Runtime: 54 minutes
Genre: Western

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An extortion gang, headed by Banker J. M. Bradley, controls the cowtown of Miller's Flats and saloon owner McClure aids Bradley in operating a so-called "business protectice organization". Garrett, reform editor of the newspaper is murdered, and Marshal Tim Hammond arrives to find his father, Parson Hammond, has also been killed. Garrett's young son, Jerry, takes Tim to his sister Betty, who is now editing the paper. Slim Doyle, collector for the gang, is beaten up by Tim as he tries to collect money from Betty. Under the name of Hays, Tim opens up a blacksmith shop. Bradley discovers Tim's true identity and orders him eliminated. With the aid of Sheriff Kramer, Tim has Slim arrested on a trumped-up charge of murder, and then incites the townspeople to stage a "fake" attack on the jail to lynch Slim, who breaks down and offers to confess. Betty is informed by telephone that the gang has kidnapped Jerry and he will only be released in exchange for Slim. The sheriff and Tim fake a fight that allows Slim to excape, but Tim has men posted along the road to watch where Slim goes. Tim and a posse follow and wipe out all the gang members except the unknown leader. While searching the hideout shack, Tim sees some peculiar characters scrawled on a wall, and remembers having seen Bradley scratch similar figures on his desk. This gives Tim sufficient evidence to go after Bradley. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Robert Winkler [13] Jerry Garrett

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