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Pacific Blackout

Midnight Angel (USA: original script title)

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1941 December, 31
76 minutes
Mystery / Romance / Thriller
Production Company:

While bombers roar overhead during a practice blackout in a large American West coast city, Robert Draper, is among the prisoners in a police van. The inventor of a new range finder for anti-aircraft guns, he has been sentenced to death for the murder of his co-worker, Tom Manton, on the perjured testimony of night club singer Marie Duval, despite character evidence given in his favor by John Ronnel. Draper escapes when the van is in an accident and seeks refuge in a park, where he runs into telephone operator Mary Jones who decides to help him. They go to a garage where they cut the chain holding Draper's wrists together, and then to a hotel where they register as brother and sister. Draper telephones Ronnel, sure he is the only man who can establish his innocence. Ronnel, however, anonymously, telephones the police and Draper and Mary barely escape. Draper, knowing that Marie has information that can clear him, goes to the club where she works and finds her murdered. - IMDb

Ángel de medianoche (alternative title) Argentina
El Ángel de medianoche Mexico
Flykt under mörkläggning Sweden
Hirsipuun varjossa Finland
Midnight Angel (original script title) USA

Children's Cast:

Robert Winkler [14] Kid at Bomb
Sammy McKim [17] Kid at Bomb
Harry Harvey Jr. [12] Kid at Bomb

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