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Transient Lady

False Witness (United Kingdom)
Transient Lady (USA)

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1935 March, 4
69 minutes
Action / Drama / Romance
Production Company:

Nick Kiley, Chris Blake and Dale Cameron set up a transient roller-rink in a small town in the American south, filled with red-necks and louts, most of which are related to each other. One of the Baxter boys makes some crude suggestions and remarks reference Miss Cameron, which results in a squabble. One of the rink-partners shoots one of the Baxter rubes quite dead, and blows town. The dead Baxter is the son of State Senator Hamp Baxter, who takes a dim view of transients who come to town and shoot one of his sons. The rink-partner who stayed behind is blamed for the killing, and lynch mobs are on the horizon. Local attorney Carey Marshall, in love with Dale Cameron, takes on the task of defending the innocent man. - IMDb

False Witness United Kingdom
Paixão Salvadora Brazil
Transient Lady USA

Children's Cast:

Gene Reynolds [11] Young Boy