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L'uomo di paglia

Man of Straw (USA)
The Seducer-Man of Straw (United Kingdom)

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1958 March, 11
120 minutes
Production Company:

Andrea Zaccardi has returned home from hunting. He and his wife Luisa are very close. Their young son Giulio develops a cough. The doctor recommends the seaside. Luisa leaves with Giulio for several weeks. Andrea stays to work at the metal shop... While visiting his family, Andrea notices a young woman on the beach with her soldier boyfriend. The weekend over, the girl is on the bus home. Rita recognizes Andrea from the neighbourhood. They talk, walk home, say good night... Rita's brother Gino is trying for a job at the metal shop. Andrea helps him make the grade. Rita comes home to find Gino's new mentor there... Andrea apologizes. Rita tells him she is now engaged. Andrea spends a restless weekend with Luisa... Rita is working late at the office. Andrea appears. They kiss... - IMDb

Bis ans Ende der Zeit Austria
Čovek od slame Yugoslavia
Człowiek ze słomy Poland
El Hombre de paja (original subtitled version) Argentina
El Hombre de paja Spain
L'homme de paille France
Man of Straw USA
A Man of Straw  
O ahyrenios anthropos (reissue title) Greece
O Homem de Palha Brazil
O Homem de Palha Portugal
Omul de paie Romania
Paranomos desmos Greece
The Seducer-Man of Straw United Kingdom
Skjebnesvangert møte Norway
A Szalmaözvegy Hungary
Und draußen lauert die Sünde Belgium
Und draußen lauert die Sünde West Germany
L'uomo di paglia Italy
Die Versuchung West Germany
Бесхарактерный мужчина Soviet Union
わらの男 Japan

Children's Cast:

Edoardo Nevola [10] Giulio