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The Middle (TV series)

The Middle. (USA: poster title)

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2009 September, 30
30 minutes


The daily mishaps of a married woman and her semi-dysfunctional family and their attempts to survive life in general in the city of Orson, Indiana. - IMDb

Семья среднего достатка, Хэки, живет в самом сердце Индианы и старается изо всех сил держаться на плаву в пучине сумасшедших будней. Этот сериал о несбыточных ожиданиях и безумных идеях, о повседневных неудачах и крохотных радостях жены и матери троих необычных детишек…

Anyám borogass (alternative title) Hungary
Családom és egyéb emberfajták (syndication title) Hungary
Familia Heck Romania
Makom Tov Ba'Emtsa (Hebrew title) Israel
Middle Finland
The Middle. (poster title) USA
No Meio do Nada Portugal
Pärapõrgu perekond Estonia
Pępek świata Poland
A Semmi közepén Hungary
Sredina Croatia
Uma Família Perdida no Meio do Nada Brazil
Zlata sredina Slovenia
Буває й гірше Ukraine
Бывает и хуже Russia
По средата (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
ザ・ミドル 中流家族のフツーの幸せ (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Andrew Astor [11] Gerald (TV Episode: Friends, Lies, and Videotape) (2011)
Blaine Saunders [17] Carly (TV Episode: A Quarry Story) (2010)
Mason Cook [10] Corey (TV Episode: TV or Not TV) (2010)
Elle Labadie Heather (TV Episode: The Concert) (2011)
Michael William Arnold [10] Obnoxious Kid (TV Episode: The Trip) (2009)
Atticus Shaffer [11] Brick Heck (TV Episode: The Show Must Go On) (2009)
Garrett Ryan [10] Boy in Library (TV Episode: The Cheerleader) (2009)
Laura Ann Kesling [9] Dotty Donahue (TV Episode: Vacation Days) (2009)
Bryce Hurless [12] Henry / Dale (TV Episode: Valentines Day II) (2011)
Mackenzie Brooke Smith [9] Megan (TV Episode: The Interview) (2010)
Aaron Zachary Philips [7] Basketball Team Member (TV Episode: The Block Party) (2009)
Robert Capron [14] Tyler (TV Episode: Get Your Business Done) (2012)
Jake Watkins [14] 12-Year-Old Axl (TV Episode: The Legacy) (2011)
Aramis Knight [11] Mitch (TV Episode: TV or Not TV) (2010)
Parker Bolek [9] Wade Glossner (TV Episode: The Neighbor) (2010)
Gibson Bobby Sjobeck Diaper Glossner / Littlest Glossner / Four-year-old Glossner (TV Episode: Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death) (2010)
Hayden Thompson Jock (TV Episode: Royal Wedding) (2011)
Gabriel Basso Rodney Glossner (TV Episode: The Neighbor) (2010)
Aedin Mincks [9] Boy / Soccer Kid (TV Episode: The Front Door) (2009)
Jacob Bertrand [11] Jake (TV Episode: Valentines Day II) (2011)
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