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Mercy (TV series)

Mercy (United Kingdom)

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2009 September, 23
60 minutes

Three nurses deal with patients and personal issues at Mercy Hospital. - IMDb

Mercy United Kingdom
Mercy USA
Mercy Philippines
Mercy West Germany
Mercy Canada
Mercy Canada
Mercy Greece
Mercy South Korea
Mercy Italy
Mercy Mexico
Mercy India
Mercy South Africa
Mercy Sweden
Mercy angyalai Hungary
Mercy Hospital (dubbed version) France
Mercyn sairaala Finland
Szpital Miłosierdzia Poland
Милосердие Russia
マーシー・ホスピタル Japan

Children's Cast:

John D'Leo [15] Jonah (TV Episode: That Crazy Bitch Was Right) (2010)
Antonio Ortiz [10] Kid #1 (TV Episode: Pulling the Goalie) (2009)
Ashley Gerasimovich [5] Katy Flanagan (TV Episode: The Last Thing I Said Was) (2009)
Kyle Catlett Henry Morton (TV Episode: The Last Thing I Said Was) (2009)
Marisa Pierini Michaela (TV Episode: Too Much Attitude and Not Enough Underwear) (2010)
Zoe Margaret Colletti [9] Cydie (TV Episode: I Saw This Pig and I Thought of You) (2010)
Morgan Turner [11] Molly Singer (TV Episode: I'm Fine) (2010)
Daniel Yelsky [12] Justin Kalinowski (TV Episode: Hope You're Good, Smiley Face) (2009)