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The Sleepover Club (TV series)

My Rating: /10
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2003 November, 12
25 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family

From the International best seller childrens' books, Life is pretty humorous when you look at it from the point of view of the five young teenage girls in The Sleepover Club. They have a secret society with rules and conventions - and no boys or parents allowed. Constantly dealing with their archrivals three teenage boys called the M&Ms life couldn't be more serious or more fun. The Sleepover Club combines drama and humour with the odd fantasy sequence to make seriously cool TV. - IMDb

El Club de los pijamas Spain
O Clube do Travesseiro Brazil
O Clube Dos Pijamas Portugal
Pizsamaparti Hungary
Pyjamasklubben Sweden
Der Sleepover Club Germany

Children's Cast:

Eliza Taylor [14] Rosie Cartwright (TV Episode: End of an Era) (2003)
Ryan Corr [14] Matthew McDougal (TV Episode: Greek Sleepover) (2003)
Nathan Coenen [11] Simon (TV Episode: Surprise) (2006)

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