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Out of This World (TV series 1987-1991)

Out of This World (USA)

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1987 September, 6
30 minutes
Comedy / Family
Production Company:

The series revolves around Evie Ethel Garland, who is the daughter of Troy and Donna Garland. However, Troy is an alien from the planet Antereus. As a benefit of her half-alien parentage, Evie develops three powers as the series progresses. She can pause and un-pause time, "gleep" objects into existence, and can transport herself from one place to another. Troy is living on Antereus and is never seen, but Evie talks to him via a crystal cube. Evie is thirteen at the beginning of the series and lives with her mother in Marlowe, California. Visitors to the Garland home include Donna's brother Beano Froelich; the mayor Kyle Applegate, a former actor; Lindsey Selkirk, Evie's best friend; Chris Fuller, Evie's boyfriend; and Buzz, who tends to take things literally. Episodes usually revolve around Evie getting herself out of a situation that she has caused. - IMDb

Комедийный сериал о том, как у Донны и инопланетного загадочного пришельца рождается ребёнок — с виду это обычная девочка, но на самом деле она обладает сверхспособностями: например, может останавливать время или превращать одни предметы в другие. Это порождает массу комических ситуаций…

Cose dell'altro mondo Italy
Dünyanın Ötesinden Turkey
Fuera de este mundo Peru
Fuera de este mundo Mexico
Loin de ce monde France
Mein Vater ist ein Außerirdischer West Germany
Mein Vater ist ein Außerirdischer West Germany
De Otro mundo Spain
Out of This World Canada
Out of This World Canada
Out of This World Netherlands
Out of This World USA
Out of This World United Kingdom
Out of This World Singapore
Papá de lejos Chile
Űrapu Hungary
Фантастическая девушка Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Miko Hughes [4] Younger Billy (TV Episode: Four Men and a Baby) (1990)
Christina Nigra [12] Lindsay Selkirk (TV Episode: Evie's Eighteen) (1987)
Carl Steven [13] Quigley Handlesman (TV Episode: The Illness) (1987)
Chance Michael Corbitt [15] Frankie (TV Episode: Evie's False Alarm) (1991)
Scott Nemes [13] Alex (TV Episode: Beano's New Diet Clinic) (1987)
Melanie Gaffin [14] Fifties Daughter (TV Episode: Fifties Mom) (1987)