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Royal Pains (TV series)

Royal Pains (USA)

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2009 May, 4
42 minutes
Comedy / Drama

ROYAL PAINS centers on a young E.R. doctor who, after being wrongly blamed for a patient's death, moves to the Hamptons and becomes the reluctant "doctor for hire" to the rich and famous. When the attractive administrator of the local hospital asks him to treat the town's less fortunate, he finds himself walking the line between doing well for himself and doing good for others. - IMDb

Aukštuomenės daktaras Lithuania
Bananowy doktor Poland
Kallista kipua Finland
Liječnik na narudžbu Croatia
Luxusdoki Hungary
Mágoas de Grandeza Portugal
Milionový lékař Czechoslovakia
Royal Pains France
Royal Pains Greece
Royal Pains Israel
Royal Pains Italy
Royal Pains Mexico
Royal Pains India
Royal Pains Philippines
Royal Pains Canada
Royal Pains India
Royal Pains Ecuador
Royal Pains USA
Royal Pains Brazil
Royal Pains Sweden
Royal Pains Singapore
Royal Pains Spain
Royal Pains West Germany
Royal Pains United Arab Emirates
Royal Pains Canada
Royal Pains United Kingdom
Royal Pains Netherlands
Royal Pains South Africa
Royal Pains Australia
Royal Pains South Korea
Дорогий доктор Ukraine
Дорогой доктор Russia
Краљевски болесници Serbia
Лекар на повикване Bulgaria
Лекар по поруџбини Serbia
上流名醫 Taiwan
救命医ハンク セレブ診療ファイル Japan

Children's Cast:

Sterling Jerins [7] Gina (TV Episode: A Man Called Grandpa) (2011)
Jonah Bobo [12] Arlo Grant (TV Episode: No Man Is an Island) (2009)
Skai Jackson [8] Maddie Phillips (TV Episode: Big Whoop) (2010)
Timothée Chalamet [17] Luke (TV Episode: Hank and the Deep Blue Sea) (2012)
Daisy Tahan April (TV Episode: My Back to the Future) (2012)
Aramis Knight [13] Amir (TV Episode: Something Fishy This Way Comes) (2012)
Ezra Miller [17] Tucker Bryant (TV Episode: Pilot) (2009)
Fatima Ptacek [10] Olivia (TV Episode: Frenemies) (2010)
Joshua Ormond Passing Kid (TV Episode: Run, Hank, Run) (2011)
Tanner Flood Simon Fields (TV Episode: My Back to the Future) (2011)
Hunter Wilichoski [10] Kid Football Player (TV Episode: Strategic Planning) (2009)
Ethan Khusidman Jensen (TV Episode: Playing Doctor) (2015)
Cory Nichols Chip (TV Episode: Astraphobia) (2011)
Zachary Hernandez Ian (TV Episode: Stranger Danger) (2016)
Tomas Elizondo Carlos (TV Episode: Fly Me to Kowloon) (2016)
Zeke Elizondo Carlos (TV Episode: Fly Me to Kowloon) (2016)
Anthony Pierini Wes (TV Episode: Stranger Danger) (2016)
Alivia Clark Girl (TV Episode: False Start) (2015)