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Meet Mr. McNutley (TV series 1953-1955)

The Ray Milland Show (USA: new title)
The Ray Milland Show: Meet Mr. McNulty (USA: complete title)

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1953 September, 17
30 minutes
Production Company:

Originally Ray McNutley is an English professor at an all girls school where every female swoons for him except for the Dean. Luckily he has an understanding wife Peggy. By the second year he is a drama teacher at a co-ed college and their name is now McNulty. - IMDb

The Ray Milland Show (new title) USA
The Ray Milland Show: Meet Mr. McNulty (complete title) USA

Children's Cast:

Christopher Olsen [8] (TV Episode: Christmas Story) (1954)
David Stollery [13] Grover (TV Episode: The Prodigy) (1954)
Joey D. Vieira [9] Joey (TV Episode: Babes in the Woods) (1953)
Beverly Washburn [11] Susie (TV Episode: Christmas Story) (1954)
B.G. Norman [14] (TV Episode: The Egg and Ray) (1954)
Louis Torres Jr. [6] (TV Episode: Christmas Story) (1954)