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Party of Five (TV series 1994-2000)

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1994 September, 12
60 minutes


Five siblings are left to find their own way in the world when their parents are killed by a drunk driver. The series revolves around the struggles of raising each other and the struggles of life in general. - IMDb

Adultos à Força Portugal
Cinco en familia Spain
Los cinco magníficos (video title) Argentina
Ensamma hemma Sweden
La familia Salinger Peru
Ich piecioro Poland
Monoi sto spiti (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
O Quinteto Brazil
Ötösfogat Hungary
Party of Five - Cinque in famiglia Italy
Pe cont propriu Romania
Tots cinc (Catalan title) Spain
Vi bli'r i familien Denmark
La vie à cinq France
Viiden juttu Finland
Za istim stolom Croatia
Za istim stolom Serbia
Нас пятеро Russia

Children's Cast:

Jacob Smith [8] Owen Salinger (TV Episode: All's Well...) (1998)
Jodie Sweetin [17] Rhiannon Marcus (TV Episode: Bye, Bye, Love) (1999)
Matt Koruba [14] Young Charlie Salinger (TV Episode: Go Away) (1998)
Emmy Yu [10] Mrs. Chao's Kid (TV Episode: Tender Age) (1998)
Jonathan Hernandez [12] Enrico (TV Episode: Grand Delusions) (1995)
Lacey Chabert [12] Claudia Salinger (TV Episode: All's Well...) (1994)
Michael Malota Dempsey (TV Episode: I Declare) (1997)
Matthew Carey [17] Marcus Baltus (TV Episode: Point of No Return) (1997)
Ross Malinger [14] Jamie Burke (TV Episode: A Mid-Semester's Night Dream) (1998)
Jarrett Lennon [16] Toby (TV Episode: Here and Now) (1998)
Andi Eystad [17] Amanda (TV Episode: Fillmore Street) (1999)
Marcus Toji [15] Protz (TV Episode: Witness for the Persecution) (1999)
Brandon de Paul [9] Hughley (TV Episode: Whatever Works) (1999)
Allison Bertolino [6] Natalie Mott (TV Episode: Fools Rush Out) (1997)
Jake Dinwiddie [11] Young Bailey Salinger (TV Episode: Go Away) (1998)
Ashley Edner [10] Sharon (TV Episode: Party of Freud) (1999)
J.B. Gaynor [8] Boy (TV Episode: Tender Age) (1998)
J.D. Daniels [17] Aaron (TV Episode: I Declare) (1997)
Scotty Cox [9] Jason-Wiseman (TV Episode: One Christmas, to Go) (1998)
Aaron Michael Metchik [16] Othello (TV Episode: Spring Breaks: Part 2) (1996)
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