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Party of Five (TV series 1994-2000)

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1994 September, 12
60 minutes


Five siblings are left to find their own way in the world when their parents are killed by a drunk driver. The series revolves around the struggles of raising each other and the struggles of life in general. - IMDb

Adultos à Força Portugal
Cinco en familia Spain
Los cinco magníficos (video title) Argentina
Cinque in famiglia Italy
Ensamma hemma Sweden
La familia Salinger Peru
Ich pięcioro Poland
Monoi sto spiti (transliterated title) Greece
O Quinteto Brazil
Ötösfogat Hungary
Pe cont propriu Romania
Tots cinc (Catalan title) Spain
Vi bli'r i familien Denmark
La vie à cinq France
Viiden juttu Finland
Za istim stolom Serbia
Za istim stolom Croatia
Μόνοι στο σπίτι Greece
Нас пятеро Russia
サンフランシスコの空の下 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Jacob Smith [8] Owen Salinger (TV Episode: All's Well...) (1998)
Jodie Sweetin [17] Rhiannon Marcus (TV Episode: Bye, Bye, Love) (1999)
Matt Koruba [14] Young Charlie Salinger (TV Episode: Go Away) (1998)
Amanda Fuller [14] Hollie (TV Episode: Naming Names) (1998)
Emmy Yu [10] Mrs. Chao's Kid (TV Episode: Tender Age) (1998)
Jonathan Hernandez [12] Enrico (TV Episode: Grand Delusions) (1995)
Lacey Chabert [12] Claudia Salinger (TV Episode: All's Well...) (1994)
Michael Malota Dempsey (TV Episode: I Declare) (1997)
Matthew Carey [17] Marcus Baltus (TV Episode: Point of No Return) (1997)
Ross Malinger [14] Jamie Burke (TV Episode: A Mid-Semester's Night Dream) (1998)
Jarrett Lennon [16] Toby (TV Episode: Here and Now) (1998)
Andi Eystad [17] Amanda (TV Episode: Fillmore Street) (1999)
Marcus Toji [15] Protz (TV Episode: Witness for the Persecution) (1999)
Brandon de Paul [9] Hughley (TV Episode: Whatever Works) (1999)
Allison Bertolino [6] Natalie Mott (TV Episode: Fools Rush Out) (1997)
Jake Dinwiddie [11] Young Bailey Salinger (TV Episode: Go Away) (1998)
Ashley Edner [10] Sharon (TV Episode: Party of Freud) (1999)
J.B. Gaynor [8] Boy (TV Episode: Tender Age) (1998)
J.D. Daniels [17] Aaron (TV Episode: I Declare) (1997)
Scotty Cox [9] Jason-Wiseman (TV Episode: One Christmas, to Go) (1998)
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