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Doc (TV series 2001-2004)

Doc (USA)

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2001 March, 11
60 minutes
Drama / Family / Romance


It’s about hope, it’s about understanding, it’s about caring, it’s about fighting…..for what you believe in. "DOC" captures the drama and humor of big city medicine as seen through the eyes of newcomer Dr. Clint Cassidy. Actor/musician Billy Ray Cyrus plays the handsome country doctor from Montana who's love for a woman leads him to New York City where he sets up practice at a West Side HMO. He soon discovers that life and medicine are different in the Big Apple. Clint's down to earth style and gentle bedside manner endears him to patients, but he encounters resistance from his colleagues and the bureaucratic system that surrounds him. Never losing his faith, down home values and "fish-out-of- water" demeanor, DOC adjusts to life in his new urban setting. The cast is rounded out by a group of honest, funny, likeable doctors, nurses, patients, friends and family. DOC is award winning and inspiring television at it's best. Since it's debut on PAX TV, DOC has become the networks number one rated drama.

Anthropines istories (transliterated title) Greece
Doc Mexico
Doc Philippines
Doc South Africa
Doc Australia
Doc Canada
Doc Canada
Doc West Germany
Doc Ecuador
Doc United Kingdom
Doc Italy
Doc Japan
El Doctor Spain
Doctorul de suflete Romania
Doki Hungary
Доктор Russia

Children's Cast:

Marc Donato [15] Andrew Spinner (TV Episode: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) (2004)
Connor Price [9] Brendan (TV Episode: Angels in Waiting) (2003)
Erik Knudsen [13] Mitch (TV Episode: First Impressions) (2001)
Keir Gilchrist [12] R.J. Mitchell (TV Episode: The Last Ride) (2004)
Michael Cera [13] Max (TV Episode: I've Got a Secret) (2001)
Miley Cyrus [9] Kylie (TV Episode: Pilot: Part 1) (2001)
Olivia Ballantyne [6] Emma Gardiner (TV Episode: Till Death Do Us Part) (2004)
Taylor Abrahamse [10] Elliot (TV Episode: Till We Meet Again) (2001)
Demetrius Joyette [8] Justin (TV Episode: Till We Meet Again) (2001)
Ryan Cooley [13] Matthew
Dash Grundy Travis (TV Episode: Leader of the Band) (2004)
Heidi Hayes Christina / Christine Foley (TV Episode: The Great Wall) (2004)
Munro Chambers [12] Brian Raines (TV Episode: Karate Kid) (2002)
Hannah Lochner [9] Amanda Wellington (TV Episode: My Boyfriend's Back) (2002)
Tyler Posey [10] Raul Garcia (TV Episode: Till We Meet Again) (2001)
Joseph Marrese [13] Jordan Ayers (TV Episode: Don't Ask, Don't Tell) (2003)
Jennifer Pisana Tracey Nolan (TV Episode: Evaluate This) (2003)
Haley Hill [9] Hannah (TV Episode: Searching for Bonnie Fisher) (2004)
Brandon Craggs [13] Clayton Granger (TV Episode: Wedding Bell Blues) (2004)
Sarah Gadon [16] Terri Lewis (TV Episode: Angels in Waiting) (2003)
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