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Viva Knievel!


Also known as: Seconds to Live (USA: working title)
Director: Gordon Douglas
Release: 8 Jul 1977
Country: USA
Runtime: 106 minutes
Genre: Action / Adventure / Biography / Crime

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Motorcycle stuntman Evel Knievel is offered a fortune to perform in Mexico. What Evel doesn't know is that they're planning to kill him and use his body to ship cocaine into the U.S. His chief mechanic, who is an alcoholic, is weary of the whole thing and discovers something, but before he can tell Evel he is sent to a rehab clinic for drug addicts, which Evel doesn't believe he is. He goes to see him who tells Evel what he found out but is still in the dark as what is happening. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Shane Sinutko [12] Boy in Hospital
Eric Olson [15] Tommy Atkins

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