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Sins of the Father (TV)

Sins of the Father (USA)

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2002 January, 6
93 minutes
Drama / Crime


Tom Sizemore is best known for playing sleazy jerks (Natural Born Killers, Devil in a Blue Dress), but in Sins of the Father he gives a compelling performance as a man who turns from his hatred-filled upbringing and struggles to find another path in life. Sizemore plays Tom Cherry, the son of one of the men responsible for an Alabama church bombing that killed four young African-American girls in 1963. In 1998, the adult Tom builds a house to forge a peace with his dying father (Richard Jenkins), but his deepening friendship with a black man he's hired to help him (the ever-dependable Ving Rhames) stirs up memories of the brutality of his childhood and leads him to testify against the old man's criminal acts. This father-son conflict provides a unique window into the strife of the civil rights movement. - Bret Fetzer

Apám bűnei Hungary
Le colpe di un padre Italy
Fädernas synder Finland
Faderns synd Sweden
Grzechy ojca Poland
Isien synnit Finland
La rançon de la haine France
Sins of the Father USA
Die Sünden der Väter West Germany

Children's Cast:

Connor Price [7] Young Bobby Jr.
Lachlan Murdoch [15] Young Tom
Thomas Price Wesley
Dennis Cruzado [10] Sunday School Student