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Giuseppe venduto dai fratelli

Joseph and His Brethren (Australia)
Sold Into Egypt (United Kingdom)
The Story of Joseph and His Brethren (USA: long title)

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1961 August, 24
103 minutes
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From the pages of the Old Testament comes the story of Joseph, beloved son of Jacob and steadfast servant of God. He is presented as the favored son of Jacob and Rachel, sold as a boy into slavery by his brothers, who were jealous of Joseph's dreams and of his coat of many colors given him by Jacob. In Egypt, Joseph gained a position of authority in the household of his master, Potiphar, and was later imprisoned on the false accusations of Potiphar's wife. He was released after interpreting Pharaoh's dream of the lean and fat cows. Pharaoh renamed him Zaphnath-paaneah and took him into favor. Due to the obedience of Joseph to his God, Egypt is greatly blessed. Joseph's recognition of his brothers in the famine years when he was governor over Egypt is a famous scene.

Иосифа, любимого сына Иакова ревнивые братья продают работорговцу, который направляется в Египет. Там смогли оценить интеллект и знания молодого человека. Он становится во главе охраны фараона...

L'esclave du pharaon France
Giuseppe venduto dai fratelli Italy
José vendido en Egipto Mexico
José Vendido no Egito Brazil
Joseph and His Brethren Australia
Joseph and His Brethren Canada
Joseph and His Brethren United Kingdom
Joseph and His Brethren India
Joseph and His Brethren USA
Joseph and His Brethren  
Joseph Sold by His Brothers  
Joseph und seine Brüder Switzerland
Joseph vendu par ses frères Canada
Joseph vendu par ses frères France
O Iosif kai t' adelfia tou (transliterated title) Greece
Sold Into Egypt United Kingdom
The Story of Joseph and His Brethren (long title) USA
Traidores a su sangre Spain
Yusuf ile Züleyha Turkey
Проданный своими братьями Russia

Children's Cast:

Marietto [13] Benjamin