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Ren zhi Chu

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1951 April, 12
Hong Kong
Drama / Family
Production Company:

After rejecting the strict teachings of their egalitarian tutor (Ng Chor-fan), two latch-key adolescent boys, rich kid Chuen-tsai (Lee Siu-fun) and poor kid Ngau-tsai (Bruce Lee Siu-lung) highlight this cautionary tale for parents. After a brief fracas between the two kids, a beating by Ngai's mother (Wong Man-lei) leads Ngai to run away from home to roam the streets and petty thefts to survive while the spoiled Chuen squanders his time at home reading comic books and role-playing his favorite cowboy hero after Chuen's doting father (Cheung Ying) buys a brand new western outfit for his son where the neglected Chuen then hurts himself imitating the dangerous stunts of his fantasy hero. Meanwhile Ngau's luck begins to run out in the concrete jungle after his flight from his latest purse snatch takes an ominous turn. - IMDb

The Birth of Mankind (literal English title)  
Infancy Hong Kong

Children's Cast:

Bruce Lee [10] Ngau Tsai