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Big Love (TV series 2006-2011)

Aka: Trzy na jednego (Poland)
Director: Daniel Attias, David Petrarca, Adam Davidson ... more
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama

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A polygamist and his relationship with his three wives. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Daveigh Chase [16] Rhonda Volmer (TV Episode: Exorcism) (2006)
Spencer Daniels [17] Hustler (TV Episode: Empire) (2009)
Antonia Fuller [11] Neighborhood Girl (TV Episode: Block Party) (2009)
Andy Scott Harris [12] Mormon Boy (TV Episode: Free at Last) (2010)
Zane Huett [12] Kid (TV Episode: Block Party) (2009)
Bella Thorne [13] Tancy Henrickson (TV Episode: Strange Bedfellows) (2010)
Aaron Zachary Philips [7] Jodeen's Son (TV Episode: On Trial) (2009)
Tommy Gerrits [10] Boy at Carnaval / Boy on Bike (TV Episode: Oh, Pioneers) (2007)
Hunter Allan Boy (TV Episode: Eclipse) (2006)
Kendall Ryan Sanders [14] Baker Embry (TV Episode: The Special Relationship) (2011)
Garrett Gray [6] Raymond Henrickson (TV Episode: Where Men and Mountains Meet) (2006)
Mitchell Gray [6] Wayne Henrickson (TV Episode: Viagra Blue) (2006)
Spencer Gray [6] Raymond Henrickson (TV Episode: Where There's a Will) (2006)
Andrew Miller Baby Aaron (TV Episode: Pilot) (2006)
Justin Tinucci [12] Ryan Beisinger (TV Episode: Winter) (2011)
Gavin Kent [2] Lester Henrickson / Lester (TV Episode: Where Men and Mountains Meet) (2007)
Ethan Kent Lester Henrickson (TV Episode: Dating Game) (2007)
Hannah Leigh Girl (TV Episode: Eclipse) (2006)
Jordan Timsit [9] Sun (TV Episode: Eclipse) (2006)

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