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Magic Grandad (TV series)

Magic Grandad (United Kingdom)

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1993 January, 12
United Kingdom
Production Company:

This series makes learning about history fun for young children. We join Magic Grandad and his grandchildren on a series of adventures into the past to meet and find out about famous people from British history. - IMDb

Magic Grandad United Kingdom

Children's Cast:

Nicholas Hoult [12] Tom (TV Episode: Seaside Holiday: The Promenade) (2001)
Rory Jennings [11] Ned (TV Episode: Famous People: Elizabeth I) (1994)
Sam Friend Harry (TV Episode: Toys: in 1870) (2003)
Jessica Mann [11] Lily (TV Episode: Seaside Holiday: The Promenade) (2001)
Ryan Watson [10] Ryan (TV Episode: Famous People 2: Boudica) (2003)
Adrianna Bertola [10] Eliza (TV Episode: Mrs. Beeton) (2009)
Ben Greaves-Neal Bernard (TV Episode: Charles Darwin) (2009)
Matthew Thomas Davies Matthew (TV Episode: Toys: in 1969) (2003)
Leah-Verity White Leah (TV Episode: Toys: in 1969) (2003)