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Oliver Beene (TV series 2003-2004)

Director: Michael Alan Spiller, Lev L. Spiro, Matt Shakman ... more
Year: 2003
Country: USA
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Adventure

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Set in 1962, Oliver Beene follows the hilarious adventures of a young 11 year old boy and his wacky family. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Alexander Gould [10] Young Ted (TV Episode: Soup to Nuts) (2004)
Soren Fulton [13] Howie (TV Episode: Oliver & the Otters) (2004)
Dominic Scott Kay [7] Young Oliver (TV Episode: A Day at the Beach) (2003)
Mitchel Musso [13] One Nad (TV Episode: Soup to Nuts) (2004)
Andrew Lawrence [15] Tayler 'Ted' Mark Beene (TV Episode: Fallout) (2003)
Cameron Bowen [16] Leader of Quartet (TV Episode: Oliver & the Otters) (2004)
Carter Jenkins [13] Boy (TV Episode: Babysitting) (2004)
Daveigh Chase [13] Joyce (TV Episode: Babysitting) (2003)
Grant Rosenmeyer [12] Oliver David Beene (TV Episode: The King and I) (2003)
Kevin G. Schmidt [16] Murray Brillcott (TV Episode: Daughter for a Day) (2004)
Sam Lerner [12] The Kid (TV Episode: Soup to Nuts) (2004)
Sammy Kahn [13] Nickname (TV Episode: Soup to Nuts) (2004)
Shawn Pyfrom [17] Bill (TV Episode: Divorce-o-Rama) (2003)
Steffani Brass [11] Bee Girl (TV Episode: Lord of the Bees) (2003)
Chelsea Smith [7] Neighbor Girl (TV Episode: Dibs) (2004)
Shane Haboucha [14] Lackey #1 (TV Episode: Trip to Coney Island) (2004)
AJ Michalka [12] Bonnie (TV Episode: The King and I) (2003)
Taylor Emerson [14] Michael (TV Episode: Fallout) (2003)
A.J. Trauth [17] Harvey Dillman / Harvey (TV Episode: Home, a Loan) (2003)
Brady Corbet [15] Spencer (TV Episode: Oliver's Best Friend) (2003)
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