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Chasing a Dream (TV)

Miles from Nowhere (USA: video title)

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2009 April, 25
120 minutes
Drama / Family / Sport
Production Company:

When his best friend, a championship runner, is killed in a car accident while running home from a party, high school football star CAM STILES suffers a nervous breakdown from the guilt and pain. It also tears apart his relationship with his father, GARY STILES, who also happens to be his football coach. When Cam decides to quit football and join the track team to honor his friend, his former teammates turn against him, too. Eventually, Cam goes for a sub-four that seems impossible and manages to win and lose the race at the same time. - IMDb

Cadeau d'adieu France
Concurând cu un vis Romania
Fuss az álmodért Hungary
Miles from Nowhere (video title) USA
W pogoni za marzeniem Poland

Children's Cast:

Devin Brochu 12 Year Old John Van Horn
Christa B. Allen [17] Nikol Schrunk
Dylan Sprayberry [10] 8 Year Old John Van Horn
Braeden Lemasters [13] 12 Year Old Cam Stiles
Jarrod Bailey [12] Brandon Van Horn
Tanner Blaze [11] 8 Year Old Cam Stiles

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