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Show Kids

Broadway Brevities (1934-1935 season) #11: Show Kids (USA: series title)
Show Kids (USA)

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1935 January, 5
21 minutes
Short / Musical
Production Company:

William Jenkins' Palace Theater has fallen upon hard times since the public no longer seems interested in attending what are now considered his old fashioned musical and comedy revue shows. He's contemplating closing down the theater. His son, William Jenkins Jr., believes he knows how to revive the theater, and convinces his father to at least let him try his idea without elaborating on what that idea is. It is to put on a kiddie revue. He has the support of Ms. Marlow, the owner of the dance school where the kids are students. Junior believes the show will have a built in audience of the kids' large families. The kids being the performers and advertisers and Junior being emcee may mark a new generation and life for the Palace. - IMDb

Broadway Brevities (1934-1935 season) #11: Show Kids (series title) USA
Show Kids USA

Children's Cast:

Tad Alexander [12] William Jenkins Jr.
George Ernest [13] Usher Outside Theatre
June Preston [6] Meglin Kiddie dancer
Peggy Speth [5] Meglin Kiddie Dancer
The Meglin Kiddies The Marlow Kiddies