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Rasputin and the Empress

Rasputin (USA)
Rasputin and the Empress (USA)
Rasputin the Mad Monk (United Kingdom)

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1932 December, 23
121 minutes
Drama / History
Production Company:


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As Europe looms on the edge of war in 1913, the family and members of the court of the Russian czar Nicholas come under the sway of a mysterious mystic named Rasputin. When Rasputin miraculously appears to cure the czar's son Alyosha of his hemophilia, the monk's reputation is cemented, particularly in the mind of the princess Natasha. Natasha's fiancé (and, later, husband) Prince Paul Chegodieff, however, suspects Rasputin is a charlatan who will cause the downfall of the royal family and perhaps of Russia itself. - IMDb

Der Dämon Rußlands - Rasputin West Germany
Die Letzte Zarin Austria
Le moine et l'impératrice Belgium
Le moine et l'impératrice France
De Monnik en de keizerin Belgium
O Rasputin kai i aftokrateira (reissue title) Greece
Ostatnia cesarzowa Poland
Raspoutine et l'impératrice France
Raspoutine et sa cour France
Rasputin Hungary
Rasputin USA
Rasputin and the Empress Canada
Rasputin and the Empress Finland
Rasputin and the Empress USA
Rasputin e a Imperatriz Brazil
Rasputin e l'imperatrice Italy
Rasputin och Kejsarinnan Sweden
Rasputin og Kejserinden Denmark
Rasputin the Mad Monk United Kingdom
Rasputin ve Çariçe Turkey
Rasputin y la emperatriz Argentina
Rasputin y la zarina Spain
Rasputine e a Imperatriz Portugal
To lykofos ton tsaron (transliterated title) Greece
Распутин и императрица Soviet Union
怪僧ラスプーチン Japan

Children's Cast:

Tad Alexander [10] The Czarevitch -Alexis Nikolaiovitch
Paul Toien [17] In group shot by Firing Squad