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Jack & Bobby (TV series 2004-2005)

Aka: Jack és Bobby (Hungary)
Director: David Petrarca, Perry Lang, Michael Schultz ... more
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Faux documentary series from 2049 about Bobby McCallister, the US president elected eight years earlier, and his older brother Jack. Talking head interviews with Bobby's staff are combined with reenactment footage of the McCallisters' teenage years, dealing with a pot smoking mother and typical high school drama. Also explored is Jack's tentative romance with Courtney Benedict. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Logan Lerman [12] Bobby McCallister (TV Episode: Legacy) (2004)
Courtney Jines [12] Deena Greenberg (TV Episode: Today I Am a Man) (2004)
Alex D. Linz [15] Hunter (TV Episode: The Kindness of Strangers) (2004)
Shailene Woodley [13] Chloe Benedict (TV Episode: Valentino) (2004)
David Henrie [15] Sniffly (TV Episode: The Kindness of Strangers) (2004)
Nick Krause [12] Bully in Rich's Posse (TV Episode: Pilot) (2004)
Dean Collins [14] Warren Feide (TV Episode: Stand by Me) (2004)
Blaine Miller [14] Joel (TV Episode: Time Out of Life) (2005)

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