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Mountain Rhythm

Harvest Days (UK)

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1943 January, 8
70 minutes
Comedy / Music
Production Company:

Just as the Weavers---Abner, his wife Elviry, their daughters Linda and Fannibelle and Abner's brother Cicero are starting of from their mountain home in Missouri on a vacation trip, they learn that the government is making an appeal for agricultural workers to go the the West Coast to harvest crops. Realizing that it is their duty to help the war-effort against Germany, Japan and Italy, they cancel their plans and go to California to buy one of the farms owned by a Japanese family. The farm is situated next to a swanky prep school. There is friction between the Waevers and the snobbish students who hold in contempt farmers and others who work with their hands. and the Weavers find it hard to harvest their crops because of depredations made by the students. Finally, the WEavers conceive a plan of getting help from the students by entering a War Bond-selling contest. The arrangement is, if the Weavers sell more bonds than the student orchestra, then the students will harvest the melon crop...if the orchestra wins, the melon patch will be turned over to the school for a polo field. They are unaware that the school's headmaster is really a Nazi-agent whose duty it is to create class consciousness. - IMDb

Harvest Days UK

Children's Cast:

Dickie Jones [15] Darwood Gates Alton
William Roy [14] Humphrey Davidson Pepperfield IV

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