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Musical Movieland

Technicolor Specials (1943-1944 season) #6: Musical Movieland (USA: series title)

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1944 September, 9
21 minutes
Musical / Short
Production Company:


"Movieland" - movie studios - are magical worlds of make believe, where one can figuratively travel from place to place and culture to culture. This musical trip through a movie studio takes both the viewer and people touring the studio on site to many of these lands of make believe. These settings include: Pete's Old Frontier Cafe on Western Street in the Texas frontier; a native settlement on the Indian set; a Canadian scene featuring the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; a canal situated next to a windmill in Holland; a British palace featuring the changing of the guards; a hula village on a South Pacific island; a land of Mother Goose nursery rhymes; and a glamorous fountain and spiral staircase adorned stage where a multitude of musical styles can be presented. - IMDb

Technicolor Specials (1943-1944 season) #6: Musical Movieland (series title) USA

Children's Cast:

Dickie Jones [17] Tourist

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