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A Slight Case of Murder

A Slight Case of Murder (USA)

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85 minutes
Comedy / Crime
Production Company:


Remy Marco, Prohibition beer baron, figures he'll do even better after repeal. Only trouble is, his beer tastes terrible. (He drinks no beer himself and nobody dares tell him). Four years later, when he's about bankrupt, he visits his summer home in Saratoga, complete with: 1) a dead-end-kid orphan; 2) his daughter's fiance...a state trooper!, 3) the bodies of four gangsters who planned to ambush Remy but had a shootout; 4) half a million in loot they hid in the house...just the amount Remy needs to get out of hock. The comic confusion mounts... - IMDb

Bare et lite mord Norway
De Bierbaron Netherlands
Ena asimanto eglima (transliterated title) Greece
Kun et par små mord Denmark
Nincs többé alvilág Hungary
A Slight Case of Murder Canada
A Slight Case of Murder USA
A Slight Case of Murder United Kingdom
A Slight Case of Murder Canada
Um Crime sem Importância Portugal
Um Simples Assassinato Brazil
Un bandido de vacaciones Venezuela
Un bandito in vacanza Italy
Un meurtre sans importance France
El Único camino (original subtitled version) Argentina
Vier Leichen auf Abwegen West Germany
Yhteiskunnan rosvoritarit Finland
Простенькое дело об убийстве Soviet Union
暗黒王マルコ Japan

Children's Cast:

Tommy Bupp [14] Freckle-Faced Kid
Bobby Jordan [15] Douglas Fairbanks Rosenbloom
Robert Winkler [11] Orphan
Leonard Kibrick [14] Orphan
Charles Flickinger [9] Orphan
Elwyn Hoffman [12] Orphan
Jackie Salling [12] Orphan
Richard Clucas [11] Luther Perey
Donald Hull Orphan