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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (TV series 1993-1998)

Dr. Quinn (Australia: rerun title)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (USA)

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1993 January, 1
60 minutes
Drama / Family / Western
Production Company:


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The fifth daughter of a wealthy Boston physician, Michaela Quinn defies the conventions of post-Civil War society by following in her father's footsteps. After his death, 'Dr. Mike' leaves Boston and moves to the frontier town of Colorado Springs, where she finds the citizens less than thrilled by the concept of a woman doctor. While she struggles to earn their trust, Mike's life is complicated by a growing relationship with mountain man Byron Sully, and the unexpected responsibility of raising three orphaned children. - IMDb

Daktarė Kvin Lithuania
Docteur Quinn, femme médecin France
Doctora Quinn Argentina
La doctora Quinn Spain
Doktor Quinn Poland
Doktorka Quinnová Czechoslovakia
Doktorka Quinnová Slovakia
Doutora Quinn Brazil
Dr Kvin, žena vrač Serbia
Dr. Quinn (rerun title) Australia
Dr. Quinn Romania
Dr. Quinn Sweden
Dr. Quinn - Ärztin aus Leidenschaft West Germany
Dr. Quinn, la mujer que cura Peru
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman USA
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman South Africa
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Canada
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Canada
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Ecuador
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman United Kingdom
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Israel
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Mexico
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Netherlands
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Philippines
Dr. Quinn, žena vrač Croatia
Dr. Quinn: Moni stin agria dysi (transliterated title) Greece
Lille doktor på prærien Denmark
Quinn doktornő Hungary
La signora del West Italy
Tohtori tuli kaupunkiin Finland
Δρ Κουίν: Μόνη στην άγρια δύση Greece
Д-р Куин: Лечителката Bulgaria
Доктор Куин: Женщина-врач Russia
ドクタークイン 大西部の女医物語 Japan

Children's Cast:

Billy L. Sullivan [15] Kyle (TV Episode: Halloween III) (1995)
Christopher Masterson [14] Lewis Bing (TV Episode: Just One Lullaby) (1994)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt [12] Zack Lawson (TV Episode: The Secret) (1993)
Larisa Oleynik [12] Susie (TV Episode: Heroes) (1993)
David Tom [15] Lewis Bing (TV Episode: Heroes) (1993)
Holliston Coleman [5] Samantha Bing (TV Episode: Before the Dawn) (1997)
Janna Michaels Sara Sheehan (TV Episode: Fifi's First Christmas) (1995)
Joseph Ashton [10] Looks for the Sun (TV Episode: Hearts and Minds) (1996)
Phillip Van Dyke [12] Phillip Marshall (TV Episode: Separate But Equal) (1996)
Ross Malinger [10] Steven Myers (TV Episode: Just One Lullaby) (1994)
Will Rothhaar [8] School Boy #2 (TV Episode: Halloween III) (1995)
Zachary Browne [13] Oliver Dinston (TV Episode: Seeds of Doubt) (1998)
Sean Price McConnell No Harm Comes To Him (TV Episode: Washita: Part 2) (1995)
Devon Gummersall [15] 2nd Male Cousin (TV Episode: Where the Heart Is: Part 1) (1993)
Brian McLaughlin Bartlett Boy (TV Episode: A Time to Heal: Part 1) (1997)
Brenden Jefferson [10] Anthony (TV Episode: Change of Heart) (1996)
Zachary McLemore [12] Caleb Leonard (TV Episode: Dead or Alive: Part 1) (1996)
Jessica Bowman [15] Colleen Cooper (TV Episode: A New Beginning) (1995)
Thomas Ian Nicholas [13] Richard (TV Episode: Best Friends) (1993)
J.D. Daniels [14] Aaron (TV Episode: A First Christmas) (1994)
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