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Nurse Jackie (TV series)

Nurse Jackie (United Kingdom)
Untitled Edie Falco Project (USA)

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2009 June, 8
27 minutes
Comedy / Drama


A drug-addicted nurse struggles to find a balance between the demands of her frenetic job at a New York City hospital and an array of personal dramas. - IMDb

Ektani Jeki Georgia
Jackie nővér Hungary
Nurse Jackie France
Nurse Jackie United Kingdom
Nurse Jackie Greece
Nurse Jackie Indonesia
Nurse Jackie Israel
Nurse Jackie India
Nurse Jackie India
Nurse Jackie Mexico
Nurse Jackie Netherlands
Nurse Jackie Philippines
Nurse Jackie United Arab Emirates
Nurse Jackie Sweden
Nurse Jackie Singapore
Nurse Jackie Thailand
Nurse Jackie Turkey
Nurse Jackie USA
Nurse Jackie South Africa
Nurse Jackie Australia
Nurse Jackie Brazil
Nurse Jackie Canada
Nurse Jackie Canada
Nurse Jackie West Germany
Nurse Jackie Ecuador
Nurse Jackie Spain
Nurse Jackie - Terapia d'urto Italy
Õde Jackie Estonia
Seselė Džekė Lithuania
Sestra Jackie Croatia
Sestra Jackie Slovenia
Sestřička Jackie Czechoslovakia
Siostra Jackie Poland
Sora Jackie Romania
Untitled Edie Falco Project USA
Сестра Џеки Serbia
Сестра Джеки Russia
ナース・ジャッキー Japan
護士當家 Taiwan
너스 재키 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Daisy Tahan Fiona Peyton (TV Episode: Health Care and Cinema) (2009)
Jake Cannavale [17] Charlie Cruz (TV Episode: Handle Your Scandal) (2012)
Ruby Jerins [11] Grace Peyton (TV Episode: I Say a Little Prayer) (2009)
Mackenzie Aladjem [9] Fiona Peyton (TV Episode: I Say a Little Prayer) (2010)
Eddie Schweighardt Bennet (TV Episode: ...Deaf Blind Tumor Pee-Test) (2011)
Hayden Oliver Brad's Son (TV Episode: Sink or Swim) (2014)
Cory Nichols Joey (TV Episode: Sidecars and Spermicide) (2014)
Liam Foley Dylan (TV Episode: Fuck the Lemurs) (2011)
Daniel Yelsky [14] Walker (TV Episode: Orchids and Salami) (2011)
Skyler Fortgang Gawky Boy (TV Episode: Handle Your Scandal) (2012)