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Hank (TV series)

Awesome Hank (USA: working title)
Pryors (USA: working title)
Unititled Kelsey Grammer Project (USA: working title)

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2009 September, 30
30 minutes

Kelsey Grammer is back as hank a rush guy who as just gone Brock and now he and his wife and kids have to move out of his mansion and rich lifestyle and move back to his home town where he runs in to some people from his past and funny thing priced from that. - IMDb

Awesome Hank (working title) USA
Pryors (working title) USA
Unititled Kelsey Grammer Project (working title) USA

Children's Cast:

Nathan Gamble [11] Henry Pryor (TV Episode: Hanksgiving) (2009)
Hannah Marks [17] Taylor Kelly (TV Episode: Hank's Got a Friend) (2010)
Ryan Wynott [10] Henry (TV Episode: unknown episodes) (2009)
Macey Cruthird [17] Maddie (TV Episode: unknown episodes) (2009)
Gibson Bobby Sjobeck Kyle (TV Episode: Pilot) (2009)
Raymond Ochoa [8] Kyle Funk (TV Episode: Pilot) (2009)

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