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Father's Little Dividend

Father's Little Dividend (Australia)
Laugh Track: Father's Little Dividend (USA: redubbed comic version)

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1951 April, 5
82 minutes
Comedy / Romance
Production Company:
$ 941 000


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In this sequel to Father of the Bride (1950), Stanley Banks learns that his daughter Kay is going to have a baby. When they get the news everyone except Stanley is overjoyed. His wife and grandmother-to-be Ellie broadcasts it everywhere and all Stan can do is worry about the practical things like how his son-in-law Buckley can afford it. Well, having not long ago paid for the wedding, Stanley has no intention of bearing any of the expenses involved. Buckley's parents and Ellie are overjoyed at the news and virtually take over redecorating the young couple's new house. Crisis and false alarms take over their lives and when the child is born, the only person he doesn't seem to like is Stanley. A walk in the park - and absolute panic when Stanley misplaces his grandson - seems to resolve the situation. - IMDb

Allons donc, papa! Belgium
Allons donc, papa! Canada
Allons donc, papa! France
Fars lille utbytte Norway
Fars store gevinst Denmark
Father's Little Dividend Australia
Father's Little Dividend Canada
Father's Little Dividend United Kingdom
Father's Little Dividend USA
Ein Geschenk des Himmels Austria
Ein Geschenk des Himmels West Germany
Isän pikku osinko Finland
Komaan, papa! Belgium
Kłopotliwy wnuczek Poland
Laugh Track: Father's Little Dividend (redubbed comic version) USA
Micul dividend al tatei Romania
Morfar opp i dagen Sweden
O Netinho do Papai Brazil
O Pai é Avô Portugal
O petheros tis nyfis (transliterated title) Greece
El Padre es abuelo Spain
El Padre es abuelo Mexico
El Padre es abuelo Argentina
El Padre ya es abuelo Venezuela
Papà diventa nonno Italy
A Papa kedvence Hungary
A Papa Hungary
Temel Taşı Turkey
Vader plukt de vruchten Netherlands
Ο πεθερός τής νύφης Greece
Маленькая прибыль отца Soviet Union
Маленький прибуток батька Ukraine
可愛い配当 Japan
父亲的微薄红利 China
玉女弄璋 China

Children's Cast:

Russ Tamblyn [16] Tommy Banks
Warren Schannon [14] Boy
James Menzies Boy Soccer Player
Thomas Menzies [11] Red