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Djuka Begovic

Aka: Evil Blood (World-wide)
Director: Branko Schmidt
Year: 1991
Country: Yugoslavia
Genre: Drama

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After spending 13 years in prison, forty-year-old Djuka Begovic returns to his home-village in Slavonia. He promises to his mother that he will begin a new and honest life. He finds new meaning in taking care of his daughter Smilja. He tries to chase away destructive thoughts that threaten to overwhelm him by throwing himself into hard work. However, everything around him reminds him of his past and his family's tragic destiny. His family was wealthy at the beginning of the twentieth century, but was destroyed by the capitalist powers that took over the villages and broke the traditional family cooperatives. Djuka's personal life was marked by constant conflicts with his father. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Zvonimir Lovretic Djecak Ilja
Krunoslav Sencic Djuka kao djecak

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