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Chicken Soup for the Soul (TV series 1999-2000)

Director: Carolyn Coal, Sharon Miller, Deborah Amelon ... more
Release: 17 Aug 1999
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama / Family

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Real life scenarios about how people deal with certain problems. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Mike Weinberg [6] Nicholas (TV Episode: Security Blanket) (1999)
Ashley Peldon [15] Alisha (TV Episode: Live Your Life) (1999)
Bradley Pierce [17] Trip (TV Episode: Blind Date with Belinda) (1999)
Kara Keough [11] (TV Episode: The Balloon) (1999)
Madeline Zima [14] Katie (TV Episode: Starlight, Star Bright) (1999)
Rachel Duncan [14] (TV Episode: Dance Night) (1999)
Renee Olstead [10] Lauren (TV Episode: Where's My Kiss, Then?) (1999)
Will Rothhaar [12] Michael (TV Episode: From the Heart) (1999)
Matt Weinberg [9] (TV Episode: From the Heart) (1999)
Adam Wylie [15] Nate (TV Episode: Blind Date with Belinda) (1999)

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