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My Wife and Kids (TV series 2001-2005)

Aka: My Wife & Kids (USA: alternative spelling)
Wife and Kids (USA: working title)
Director: James Widdoes, Andy Cadiff, Damien Dante Wayans ... more
Year: 2001
Country: USA
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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Damon Wayans plays Michael Kyle, a man on a tragically funny quest for a "traditional" family. He's a not-so-modern man living in a very modern world. Can you relate? His stay-at-home bride (Tisha Campbell-Martin) became a stock market trailblazer. His only son idolizes gangster rap stars instead of him. His moody, adolescent daughter's two favorite hobbies are asking him for money and giving him grief. And his youngest daughter rarely lets her daddy have the last word. Perhaps after all of the chaos is over, he will realize that his dream of having a normal American family came true a long time ago. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jamia Simone Nash [7] Aretha (TV Episode: Sharon's Picture) (2003)
Kennedy McCullough Kennedy (TV Episode: The Sweet Hairafter) (2003)
Marina Malota [15] Lisa Tyler (TV Episode: Table for Too Many: Part 1) (2002)
Taylor Lautner [12] Tyrone (TV Episode: Class Reunion) (2004)
Raven-Symoné [16] Charmaine (TV Episode: Mom's Away: Part 1) (2001)
Liliana Mumy [8] Rachael / Rachel (TV Episode: The Kyles Go to Hawaii: Part 2) (2002)
Philip Bolden [6] Devon (TV Episode: The Whole World Is Watching) (2001)
Andy Morrow [15] Jason Tyler (TV Episode: Table for Too Many: Part 1) (2002)
Charlie Stewart [11] Jalmall (TV Episode: Class Reunion) (2004)
Elliott Cho [8] Smilin' Willie / Mime (TV Episode: Crouching Mother, Hidden Father) (2002)
Blake Hightower [9] Pervis (TV Episode: Jr. Executive) (2003)
Jillian Henry [9] Emerson (TV Episode: Study Buddy) (2005)
Bobb'e J. Thompson [6] Shark (TV Episode: Crouching Mother, Hidden Father) (2002)
Parker McKenna Posey [6] Kady Kyle (TV Episode: The 'V' Story) (2001)
Gabby Soleil [7] Charlotte (TV Episode: Michael's Tribe) (2002)
Drake Johnston [7] Franky (TV Episode: Crouching Mother, Hidden Father) (2002)
Noah Gray-Cabey [7] Franklin Aloysius Mumford / Francesco Mumfordi (TV Episode: The 'V' Story) (2002)

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