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Mr. Troop Mom (TV)

Mr. Troop Mom (USA)

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2009 June, 19
84 minutes
Comedy / Family
Production Company:


Life can be difficult for single dads raising teenage daughters, and that's certainly the case for overburdened entertainment lawyer Eddie Serrano (George Lopez), who works long hours and is rarely home at the same time as his daughter Naomi (Daniela Bobadilla). While home helper Catalina (Elizabeth Thai) keeps things running relatively smoothly at home and Naomi's Killer Bees troop provides close friendships and adult support, Naomi and her father just don't have much of a relationship. The Killer Bee troop can't wait for to the Spring Action Classic where they'll compete against rival troop The Wasps at a weekend mountain camp, so when their troop mother (Debbie Podowski) goes into labor just before the trip, the girls are absolutely devastated. Before he has a chance to think, Eddie finds himself volunteering as team mother for the weekend--never mind that he's never been camping a day in his life and the girls in the troop have virtually no respect for him. Camp director Ms. Hulka (Jane Lynch) and her assistant, CC Turner (Julia Anderson), immediately pounce on Eddie's inexperience, and comedy reigns as Eddie makes one ridiculous blunder after another. Just when it looks like the weekend will be a complete failure for both the troop and Eddie and Naomi, CC helps Eddie realize that he's doing everything right just by being there. Will Eddie's efforts lead to a better relationship with his daughter, and what effect might they have on the intense rivalry between the two troops? Can his professional ties to the entertainment world and Nat and Alex Wolff of the "Naked Brother's Band" somehow help the situation? Mr. Troop Mom takes a comic look at the difficulties of adolescence--sure, the supporting characters are portrayed as pretty shallow and the theme isn't exactly new, but Lopez makes it funny, and tweens will definitely be entertained. Bonus features include a look at the comedic expertise of George Lopez and the involvement of the Lopez family and friends in the making of the film, a featurette about journaling and friendship, brief interviews with the Wolff brothers, a discussion about the pitfalls of making a mean-girls-versus-nice-girls film, four additional scenes, and a gag reel. (Ages 7 and older) --Tami Horiuchi

Эдди Серрано вдовец. И правозащитник все время занимается только работой и не обращает никакого внимание на свою 13-летнюю дочь Наоми. Но, когда его дочку отправляют в частную школу для девочек, он дает обещание уделять ей больше времени. И из-за этого ему приходится вместе с дочкой ехать в летний лагерь и становиться тренером девичьей команды.

Beugrós csapatanyapótló Hungary
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Mr. Troop Mom Canada
Mr. Troop Mom USA
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Мистер - Мама Отряда Russia
Мистер - мама отряда Russia

Children's Cast:

Cainan Wiebe [13] Slime Ball Boy #2
Nat Wolff [14] Nat Wolff
Alex Wolff [11] Alex Wolff
Cole Heppell [15] Slime Ball Boy #1
Pyper De Marsh [13] Sam
Jessica McLeod [12] Paulina
Laine MacNeil Kayla
Mayan Lopez Yvette
Jianna Ballard [15] Skylar